Jessica – Owner

Me - Copy

Hi, I’m Jessica, and creating is what I do.  This store is my brainchild – something that has been building inside of me since I was a kid, sewing on my mom’s old Singer and peeking around my dad’s three car garage, marveling at all the cool “stuff”.  I’ve worked for small businesses ever since high school and dreamed of one day having a store where I could sell all of the random things I made.  What started as a hobby has turned into a full-blown gig, and I’m enjoying every minute of it!


Emotional, moral, and technical support comes from my incredibly patient and logically-minded husband.  As an engineer, his attention to detail is unrivaled, and is a perfect match for my “it’s close enough!” attitude.  He’s who I bounce ideas of off, who I turn to for advice, who told me that I could do this from Day One, and who has been there cheering me on ever since.


us in the new store on Opening Day 11/11/13

Over the past year, the store has evolved into something more than I ever expected.  I’ve moved to a bigger, better location.  I’ve also brought on several other local artists who love the craft as much as I do!  I’m constantly trying to come up with new ideas that keep the store fresh and interesting.  Every time you stop in, you are guaranteed to see something different.  New merchandise comes in almost every day, allowing for a unique shopping experience each time.  There are so many incredibly talented artists selling their wares under one roof!

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