Mid Century Modern = Love

If you follow me on Facebook, then you aren’t at all surprised by my Mid Century Modern (MCM) fascination.  Last week, I posted this pic, bragging about the awesome find I scored on my usual Thursday morning pick.

MCM Score!

My MCM score!

I couldn’t get the tags off and to the checkout counter fast enough!  Luckily, I had driven the truck that morning, so I was able to take them with me.  Unluckily, the men who loaded them were so impatient that they shoved the tall one in on its top, leaving huge gauges in the top right corner.  I cried a little when I discovered it after unloading them at home.  A few choice words were uttered as I threw a tantrum, before admitting there was nothing to be done.

I digress.

Over the weekend, with the sun shining and the snow finally melting in the driveway, I drug out all of my hoarded beauties from the garage and set out to shine them all up.  You may have seen me mention that we hope to be selling our house soon (it went on the market yesterday, by the way – woohoo!!) and the interior designer in me has already begun to decorate the new place in my head.  Most would think that was weird, considering we don’t actually have a new house picked out yet.  But not me.  Regardless of location/size/style/layout of a new place, I know how I want to design and decorate it.  I get sick of looking at the same stuff over and over, so I’m not one to redo each room exactly as it is now.  I need a fresh start.  Our current place is a mix of several styles, all ones that I love.  However, my tastes have grown up a bit.  Before, I loved EVERYTHING and tried to incorporate all of it into one small house.  Now, I know better what I really love, and want to focus more on that.  So I’ve been carefully cultivating a collection of awesome pieces and hoarding them in the garage.

Besides the obvious gouges that were in the top of the one, my newest additions were in excellent condition.  There were only minor surface scratches.  I used Old English Dark furniture polish on them for the first time.  I was SOOO impressed with how well it covered every little scratch!  I highly recommend it for any type of all wood furniture (it comes in light and dark, so use the one that works best for your particular piece).


My MCM score!

Is it not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

It reminds me so much of the Broyhill Brasilia line that I’ve been coveting for quite some time.  Highly sought after and a perfect example of MCM design, that particular line is so hard to come by and almost always expensive when sold by someone who knows what they have.

Broyhill Brasilia

Broyhill Brasilia

The swoops in the middle, the similarly-shaped hardware on the drawers….it’s like the poor man’s (or woman’s) version of Brasilia for a tiny fraction of the price!

My MCM score!

My MCM score!

my MCM score!

my MCM score!

Here’s the little nightstand that goes with it (I didn’t take a closeup of the tall dresser.  1. Because I was still upset about the gouges.  2. Because I couldn’t get to it.)

My MCM score!

My MCM score!


And before anyone says anything, no I will not be painting these!  I know when paint is needed and when it is not, and the reason I love MCM style so much is because of the gorgeous wood grain.  Painting over this would be blasphemy in my book.  However, I’m in no way a wood purist – I paint furniture for a living, after all.

Some other awesome MCM treasures that I’ve stashed in the garage include this totally rad room divider/bookcase.


Isn’t it cool?  And it’s finished on both sides, so it doesn’t need to be up against a wall.

My MCM score!

My MCM score!

I used Old English again on this piece and it really shined up the beautiful wood grain.

My MCM score!

Those awesome doors slide open for storage.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any labels on either this piece, or the above dresser set.  I really want to know the manufacturer and/or furniture line that they came from. :(

I also have a pair of these Danish modern dining chairs with horrible pleather upholstery – I’ll be changing that just as soon as I can!


I have a matching set of these Lane Acclaim series end tables.  I’ve refinished one of them, and still have one more to go.

Lane Acclaim - Before

Lane Acclaim – Before

Lane Acclaim - After

Lane Acclaim – After

My current dresser in our master bedroom is also an MCM beauty.  It came with a matching set of bedside tables.

 (Please forgive my poor quality and unsightly cell phone pic!)


Also in our master bedroom is this cute set that I purchased separately but ended up pairing together in a seating area.


Now, not all of my MCM pieces are all wood.  I’ve always had a thing for the shape of this particular style.  One of my first ever furniture projects was a table I affectionately dubbed The Jetsons Table.  We currently use it in our living room.


Also, this coffee table I made.

DSC_0476In addition to all of that, I have several pieces that I’ve done and sold in the store, as well as tons of MCM-inspired accessories from dishes to clocks to lamps that I plan to use in our new future home.

That’s it….for now. 😉

How about you….any particular style you gravitate towards?  Or are you all over the map like my former self?

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